"There is something there, use it." The correct use of electric hoist is the way
Column:Prodvcts Time:2018-01-31
"There is something there, use it." The correct use of electric hoist is the way

"There is something there, use it." The correct use of electric hoist is the way

There is an old saying in China that there is a saying called "there is something in the world," and it is especially important to face the ever-changing technology products that are well-used. Especially in industry, how to use mechanical equipment is not only related to the efficiency and service life of products, but also the life and safety of users and surrounding workers.

In many industrial production will use the lifting equipment, which can greatly improve production efficiency and save labor. Among them, the electric hoist is widely used. The electric hoist is a compact and flexible lifting transport equipment, which greatly reduces manpower and improves efficiency, and also causes many safety problems and equipment damages if used or handled improperly.

Common human factors such as cable-stayed operation, overloading and lifting, cross-lifting and other illegal operations, resulting in electric hoist bending deformation of the cable, overlap winding, serious corrosion and other damage. This will not only damage the equipment and increase maintenance costs, but also easily lead to personal injury.

Here to introduce the operation of electric hoist note:

1, non-overload use.

2, Prohibited oblique pull, Pingla, lifting is prohibited under heavy objects or in the vicinity of walking, stay.

3, work found gourd does not rotate or abnormal noise should be shut down immediately, and then uninstall inspection.

4, frequent use, refuel once a week, continue to use, refuel once a month.

5, no collision, knocking hoist, storage should be dry and ventilated.

6, the maintenance of this product should be carried out by professionals, should have a certain degree of mechanical and electrical knowledge of professionals under the guidance of operation, should be carefully read before using the product manual.

7, Before use, you must check whether the power supply meets the requirements and operate according to the electrician norms, and check the correct operation before running.

8, before use must check the brake is reliable, regular inspection of the parts are normal, there should be no loose, oil spills and so on.

9, test run Check whether the normal sprocket and chain engagement, do not allow a pile chain phenomenon.

Strict compliance with operating practices to use electric hoist can guarantee the safety of personnel to reduce the loss of goods and property losses, we can maximize the role of products. Yu-car adhering to the "product quality is the life of the enterprise" business philosophy, is committed to creating first-class quality electric hoist, equipped with comprehensive after-sales service and insurance protection.