What are the noise reduction methods for electric hoist
Column:Prodvcts Time:2018-11-22
In the process of operation, electric hoist often encounters noise

  In the process of operation, electric hoist often encounters noise. Abnormal noise will not only cause certain safety hazards to the equipment, but also affect people's normal work and life. So, is there a way to reduce noise? Yu diaokong gives you a detailed introduction:

  1. Requirements for machining accuracy of high-speed gear

  Technical conditions stipulate that the gear accuracy of the hoist gear reducer of electric hoist should not be lower than 8-8-7 in GB10095. Practice has proved that this requirement is reasonable and should be met in order to ensure that the noise is up to standard. However, according to the gear processing technology of most of the same industry factories, gear precision is difficult to meet the requirements.

  2. Improve the tooth rigidity of high-speed gear

  It is an effective measure to reduce the noise of electric hoist to improve the rigidity of gear teeth, reduce the elastic deformation and the impact force of gear meshing. By increasing the modulus of gear, the rigidity of gear teeth can be significantly enhanced.

  3. Select as many motors as possible

  The multi-series motor can reduce the gear noise and motor noise at the same time. However, due to the limitations of many factors and some design requirements, this choice is often impossible to achieve.

  Yu diao reminds you: when buying electric hoist, should pay attention not only to the performance and quality of electric hoist, but also to the noise level of electric hoist.